How You Can Burn 600 Calories Per Hour Every Day

Saunas can burn lots of calories

People in Nordic countries of Norway, Sweden, And Finland have long touted the benefits of a sauna exercise. Most people have visions of sweat soaked hairy bear men stinking up a tiny wood room while spooning water over rocks. But the cedar lined closet sized saunas today can be as personalized as the persons who use them.

The best way to use a sauna is to decide who will benefit the most from its use. In my house, it’s my wife and I, so a two person sauna is the perfect size for us. We found a used one on ebay for less than $300, but I have seen them on craigslist and other great classified sites as well for around that same price or a little higher. A portable wood sauna like ours assembles in 20 minutes and plugs into the wall. It takes less than ten minutes to heat up and costs around 60 cents per one hour session.

Every night, I click the sauna on and take 1 or 2 liters of water and a book or magazine inside with me. Then, I just sit and sweat. Talk about a no impact workout!

I let the sweat flow freely (ready to be grossed out? I judge the success of the session by the size of the puddle on the floor!) Drink frequently while in the heat and after. The idea is to push fluids through your system, detoxify and flush the fast cells out.

Numerous studies have shown the heat from saunas can affect cellulite, increase heart rate and burn up to 600 calories per hour.

If you’re planning on staying in the sauna for an hour (you’ll need to work up to it) be sure to keep the heat at a comfortable but just at tolerable level, and not the highest setting. I cycle the sauna by getting a free flowing sweat, then out to cool down in a tepid shower or cold dip in the pool, then back into the sauna again for a second thirty minute session.

Your time in a sauna can be used for meditation and thought, just as Native Americans have used sweat lodges for centuries to discover the secrets of the universe and commune with God. The distressing effects of a sauna can be very beneficial.

You can also add eucalyptus or other aromatherapy scents that are heat activated into the hot box with you. Aromatherapy has numerous benefits that can be enhanced in a sauna environment.

A sauna can literally melt off the pounds. You can add no impact yoga (hot yoga) or stretching exercises to your time in the box to increase the benefits.

Plus a sauna can have an incredible affect on your sex life! Try spending thirty minutes with your glistening glowing spouse right beside you with nothing between you but a towel. A sauna can make and keep your marriage hot.

So add a sauna routine to your exercise program and watch the fat melt away.


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