Top 10 Dieting & Weight Loss Sites & Retailers for June 2017
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Many of us have weight issues.  One place many turn to solve these issues, Weight Watchers, is a company that assists its clients in dropping unwanted pounds.  Each client sets a reasonable goal and together with their group leader, the client follows the Weight Watchers program to control... read more >
MediFast Diet offers consumers an effective weight loss program that is based on meal replacements It is known as one of the more expensive programs and is regarded as the most effective weight loss plan available People who are on the diet lose weight rapidly by eating Medifast products for mos... read more >
Jenny Craig is one of the world's largest weight loss companies.  Jenny Craig provides an online program and a program where the dieter visits a counselor at a retail location.  After signing up for membership, a client then chooses his or her weekly calorie allotment with a counselor.&... read more > is the creator of the nation's most popular in-home fitness and weight loss solutions. operate by adhering to following four fundamental values:- Treat people with respect and be courageously forthright. Take initiative to find ways to improve everythin... read more >
Many persons want to make sure their diets are nutritious and keep tabs on their daily intake.  MyFitnessPal is a great way to do this.  This company provides a service that keeps track of your meals, records exercise, tracks weight loss and the nutrients that you eat each day.  ... read more >
Weight Watchers provide information, knowledge, tools and motivation to help you make the decisions that are right for you about nutrition and exercise. It helps you to make healthy eating decisions, and encourages you to enjoy yourself by becoming more active. To provide motivation, mutual support,... read more >
FitOrbit provides a personal trainer to people who want to get their best body The company makes having a personal coach to help you lose weight affordable and charges less than $2 a day You can either choose your own trainer or trust the company to match you with a trainer who is right for you ... read more > offers to people America’s No.1 home delivery weight loss program. Lose weight with perfectly portioned food which is delicious at the same time. The plan has been made in such a way that you will not have to worry about any meeting or have to go for regular weigh ins. It is in... read more >
Diet Direct is owned by Diet Direct Inc, a US based company that provides high quality diet and weight management supplements online.  The company provides the same medical grade supplements as those provided by weight loss clinics, physicians and hospitals.  These supplements are selected... read more >
Nashua Nutrition offers high quality bariatric products and weight loss supplements at low prices Their products are used by hospitals and weight loss centers They provide the following merchandise: Samples Variety packs Sports nutrition Breakfast items Literature and CDs Cleansing and... read more >
Vitalicious always strives to make healthy and delicious baked goods since 1999.   Having won prestigious awards and been featured in numerous media, Vitalicious comes out on the forefront of today’s providers of tasty yet nourishing breakfasts, snacks and meals that contain minimum ... read more >
FormulaZone is a company that has developed a Zone Diet to help people lose weight. The diet plan was developed under the guidance of dietitians, health professionals and nutrition experts. A zone diet advocates consumption of calories from fat, protein and carbohydrates in a balanced ratio. This di... read more >
If you’re looking to lose weight then the first thing you need to know is how many calories are going in versus how many calories are being expended. Diets are all very well, but without accurate calorie readings, they can be mostly guess work - which is why hundreds of people end up failing m... read more >
If you are longing for a healthy lifestyle and don’t know where to start, learn how to do it the Dukan way. If you want to lose weight and start eating healthy, you can follow on Dukan Diet recipes. The Dukan Diet website will be a place to find people with like desires. Talk with the communit... read more >
Ultralife Healthcare Ltd is a company that researches, develops, manufactures and markets top-range nutritional supplements that deal with some of the key health challenges that consumers of the 21st century are faced with. These supplements are delivered through new delivery methods that improve ab... read more >
Creative Bioscience is a brand of Creative Bioscience LLC, a US based company that mainly manufactures and sells health, weight loss and dietary supplements.  The company combines technology, innovation and research to produce high quality products.  The products are manufactured in GMP ap... read more >
When you are in need of affordable all natural popular name brand wellness products or even beauty cosmetics and whole foods to snack on is the online wellness store to shop at for all your health and beauty needs. Best of all each week at they select certain products and m... read more >
Fruta Planta Pills manufactures and distributes diet capsules that people take in order to lose weight. The nutritional supplement has helped some users to lose 15 pounds or more and keep dropping off the weight. It also acts without the need for exercise. The active ingredients include t... read more >
SmartThingz is a company based in the city of New York. This company develops innovative health and fitness products. The company sells a number of products as shown below.  Fitflax – This is a delicious blend of Chia seeds and roasted golden flax seeds. These seeds contain a superior bl... read more >
Maven Labs is company that is based in the USA.  This company develops nutritional supplements. The main product sold by this company is Brain Stack, a nootropic supplement.  Nootropics are cognitive enhancing supplements developed to improve function.   Brain Stack is not a magi... read more >
Celsius is a company that has manufactured the world’s first negative calorie drink. The products are made with a commitment to promoting wellness among the people. They not only manufacture energy drinks but also weight management drinks. Their products come I various flavors to satisfy the t... read more >
Zone Diet is a trade mark of Zone Labs Inc., an industry leader in the development and sale of innovative, patented nutraceutical products.   The mission of this company is to establish evidence-based wellness as the foundation for the 21st century medicine.  The company achieves this... read more >
Pulse TV is a company which is dedicated in providing high quality products which have been priced at reasonable and affordable rates. The website has a large collection of products which includes: video camera pens, wine bottle umbrellas, electronics, video deals, weight loss videos, flashlights, t... read more >
Maximum Slim is online retailer that sell vitamins and food supplements to reduce fat and weight loss internationally at low price. The best product they sell is their Maximum Slim Original Green Coffee which help women and men everywhere to achieve maximum weight loss in minimum time with just one ... read more >
BistroMD  is a meal regime that helps its customer’s loose weight with ease. The company provides balanced diets for both men and women and understands that men and women need different calorie intake to ensure that its customers get a good deal for its customers. The company provides 2 t... read more >
Real Living Nutrition Services is a US based company that provides online weight loss programs.  The mission of this company is to empower its members to find long term weight loss solutions instead of quick fixes.  The vision of the company is to help its members lose weight, improve thei... read more > is an online website offering products for weight loss and weight management. The website promotes a compound called Raspberry Ketone which is a natural phenolic compound that creates a sweet smell of raspberries. Products include 30 day rapid results package, 60 day rapid re... read more >
Dr. DelRae Detox is a website run by Delwood LLC, a USA based company.  With the help of Dr. DelRae Messer, this company developed the Dr. DelRae Detox system.  This is a detoxification and weight loss system that works solely using the science of cellular inflammation and detoxification.&... read more >
Diet Power sells software that examines your calorie intake and weight loss equipment and gears. Diet Power Software works well in planning your nutrients intake. The main purpose of this software is to balance your nutrients and keep you safe from heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, osteoporos... read more >
The Flex Belt is a company that deals in health care products.  The main product sold by this company is The Flex Belt®, an abdominal toning system for strengthening, toning and firming the stomach muscles.  This product is cleared by the FDA as a class II medical device for direct to ... read more > is a website where information about diets and weight loss is available for everybody. The hash tag of this website is “How to look good naked” and then the viewer is advised to follow some steps. The categories available on this website are To lose weight, To build muscle, T... read more >
MetaboSpeedX is a trademark of Lab88, a group of US based companies founded in 1998.  The mission of the company is to create first grade health products and supplements.  The leading brands of this company are explained below. MetaboSpeedX – This is fondly referred to as the &lsquo... read more >
Body by Bison is an online company that sells products based on bison meat, instead of buffalo or other meat giving animals. The website’s shop has the following categories: All Bison Meats, Subscribe & Save, Bison Bundles, Bison Burgers, Bison Hot Dogs, Bison Steaks, Bison Breakfast, Biso... read more >
Verseo is a company that specializes in the development and manufacturing of quality health and beauty products. They a wide selection of products which includes items such as: eglide, RollerCell2, Collyre Bleu, Hair Plus, GrayBan, ThermoSoles, ThermoGloves, Serious Skincare Microcurrent Facial Tone... read more >
GastricHypnoBalloon is a brand of Positive Influence Media LLP, a UK based company that deals in weight loss products.  The main product of this company is the Gastric Hypno Balloon, a unique program that uses cutting edge techniques to enable users to gain long-lasting control of their weight.... read more > is an online market place for High Protein, Low-card diet foods, snacks and drink mixes. You will find many diet foods, solutions and products on the market. Some are advertised on television, newspapers and others in stores. offers a one-stop shop for all the latest ... read more >
The Parisian Diet is a website owned and managed by Anxa Ltd.  Anxa Ltd markets and sells its online weight loss coaching program through this website.  The main product offered by this company is The Parisian Diet online weight loss coaching program. This weight loss program was developed... read more >
DIY HCG helps people to lose weight through the HCG Diet. Their large variety of products includes HCG Diet Drops, HCG Diet Kits, HCG Diet VLCD Phase 2. DIY HCG diet drops are ordered with permission from a U.S. company. The product is produced by following the guidelines set forth in the Homeo... read more >
Diet-to-Go is a privately owned company which delivery of meals which are focused towards healthy living. These meals are both easy and affordable. They are focused on providing their customers with delicious, fresh, nutritionally balanced and low calorie count meals which can serve as a source for ... read more >
Diet-to-go is a famous Italian website which provides breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner, four meals cooked daily with fresh and selected ingredients, according to a nutrition program that provides the right amount of calories. With this message, Diet to go began their adventure as an Italian Distr... read more >
There are many benefits of deep breathing including helping to lower stress levels, strengthening the lungs, relieving pain and even elevating the mood.  Another benefit of deep breathing which many people do not know about is that it can help in weight loss.   There is a device in th... read more >
HCG is a hormone and the abbreviation stands for – Human Chorionic gonadotropin. is a website that provides access to HCG injectable drops and some other diet programs that can help males and females of different age to lose weight fast. All the products they provide are related ... read more >
Thinner-U is a company that deals in weight loss supplements.  The main product sold by this company is the Thinner-U™, a weight loss supplement that can enable users to lose approximately 30 pounds in 90 days.   This scientifically formulated product is based on the way the body wo... read more >
Healthy Body Inc is the leader in cutting edge nutritional supplements products market. They have a mission so as to research and create and offer to people industry leading Health, Beauty and Fitness supplements. The company offers the best products in effectiveness and quality that science, nature... read more >
TriVita is a company that manufactures wellness products. They make products that provide foundational nutrition to the body which consists of essential vitamins and whole food extracts. A line of products which provides targeted nutrition to the body to conquer daily stress, body pain and other ail... read more > is a unique form of personalized weight loss coaching technique; based on in an interactive platform which will track the users’ daily progress while giving them an access to an extensive support base system. In order to join their coaching the user must answer a few short questi... read more > is an online store that focuses on offering the best herbal slimming products. At, original herbal slimming capsules can be bought. The line of products that the company is offering includes; herbal diet which are exciting weight loss formula, meizitang that contains di... read more >
Skinny Dippers sell appetite control smoothies and zero calorie desserts. The products are targeted for the athletic and the health conscious. Zero Calorie Desserts, Tangy Tangerine and Frosty Lemon: These are single-serving frozen desserts that are sweetened with Splenda, making this a zero-calo... read more >
100 Hour Diet is a company that focuses on weight loss products. They sell weight loss pills, weight loss coffee, weight loss tea, and weight loss cocoa. They also have nutrition drinks, fat and carb blockers, green teas and more. They also offer a few skin care items on the website as well. read more >
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South beach diet, liquid diet, gluten – free diet. You might have tried each of them and find yourself struggling to keep up. New research and discovery has allowed everyone who wants to lose weight to lessen the struggle and cravings they’re suffering from. Smart for Life diet plan ha...
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Low calorie meals plans have helped dieters all across the United States to achieve their goals for weight loss. Steady weight loss is possible with these dishes, which are now available to you at a discounted rate for the months of September and October. These companies are highly regarded national...
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Last answer by Dr. Johnson C Philip 54 months ago: Compounds such as maltitol, xylitol, and sorbitol are called sugar alcohols. They are found frequently in "sugar free" food products. They are neither sugars nor alcohols, but are named thus because they resemble sugars in some ways and alcohols in some other ways. While they are safer than su... read more
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Last answer by Terinah Doba 55 months ago: Herbs such as Licorice and Brewer's Yeast works as a natural fat blocker. These herbs will curb your appetite. Some people drink Brewer's Yeast first thing in the morning to feel full. Yohimbe works the same, and it also boosts one's metabolism. read more
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Last answer by Valerie Brocksopp 56 months ago: I was not looking for an "easy way out" but, rather something to support my weight loss efforts.  I chose to try Hydroxycut Sprinkles as they did not contain caffeine and appeared to contain no harmful substances.  Unfortunately, I'd discovered the article about the false advertising suit ... read more
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Last answer by DeeBan 56 months ago: Taurine is found in all meats and children's fomula is fortified for taurine. You need it for proper bone-muscle developement. It has nothing to do with weight loss. Yes it is safe. Amount of taurine in energy drinks are low and even considered too low for proper nutrition. Do not be concerned that ... read more
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